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Why choose MJM Veggie Oil?

We have two specialised services with supplying cooking oil and the collection of used cooking oil and lard. Everything we collect we covert to biodiesel to help to reduce the dependency on fossil fuels. Our services are available throughout Ireland from our base in Armagh.

We are committed to operate in compliance with all relevant environmental legislation regarding our impact on the environment.

Contact us:

MJM Veggie Oil
32 Brootally Road
County Armagh
BT60 4DY

028 3744 1336


Cooking oil - Armagh - MJM Veggie Oil - Rapeseed

Cooking oil supply and used oil collection

Based in Armagh, at MJM Veggie Oil our cooking oil delivery and collection services are available throughout Ireland. As Environment Agency approved contractors we collect your used cooking oil and lard and use this for the production of bio diesel fuel.

Cooking oil supply and used oil collection

Our cooking oil is available for all businesses including hotels, restaurants, chip shops and more. We specialise in top quality oils which are amongst the finest on the market.

Biodiesel - helping to reduce fossil fuel use

All of our used cooking oil and lard that we collect is used in the manufacture of biodiesel. This helps businesses responsibly dispose of used oil whilst helping the environment.